Frequently Asked Questions

1.1 Return and Exchanges

How do I return products purchased?

Please fill the Return Request Form  from Contact Us  Section and email us at and wait for our Support Team to get in touch with you.We will refund you the shipping charges for defective/damaged and wrong items that are approved by our quality control.

How long are returns accepted?

We will accept returns within 7 days of your receiving the item(s) unless stated otherwise in the product description.


How quickly are returns processed?

Once your return is received, it will be examined by our Fulfillment Centers within 5 business days. Customer service will get back to you with an assessment of the validity of the return and the status of your replacement or refund.


What are the shipping charges for returned items?

We recommend using Courier Service , however you are free in how you get the item to us to process your return. Please get quotations from your trusted delivery service.


How do I return defective/damaged items?

BEM Quality Control team tries to guarantee that all merchandise is of excellent condition and quality upon leaving the warehouse. In the rare event that an item is defective/damaged, you may return it to us within 7 days of receipt of the order (unless stated otherwise in the product description). Simply fill out a Return Request, send the item to the address stated above, and we will send you a replacement item as soon as we can. In case the item is out of stock, Customer Service will contact you to issue a refund. If 7 days have lapsed since receiving the item, then we shall help you repair it under the stated warranty terms and condtions.


How do I return incorrect shipments

In the rare event that you receive the incorrect item(s), simply fill out the attached Return Form, send the item to the address stated above, and we will send you the correct item as soon as we can. In case the item is out of stock, Customer Service will contact you to issue a refund..


How do I get refunded?

You will be refunded in the form of the original payment. In case you used Cash on delivery (COD) or Store Pick Up as a means of payment, you will receive a bank deposit. Customer Service will contact you to obtain the details of your preferred bank account. If your item(s) were defective/damaged or wrong, we will gladly refund your delivery cost once you provide us the invoice. Refund only takes place when the replaced product is out of stock.


How do I get the delivery costs refunded?

If your item(s) were defective/damaged or wrong we will gladly refund your delivery cost once you provide us the invoice. Please just email the invoice with the order number to

Can I exchange my item?

Unfortunately we do not offer exchanges, only refunds. However thanks to our returns policy you can simply return your item for a full refund and place another order through our website.

1.2 Technical

Signing up as member

Click on the ‘Create an Account’ tab at the top right hand side of the page. You will then be prompted to a new page where you will find a form just fill it up and Click ‘Submit’. Registration is now complete. Check your email to confirm registration.


Updating account details

To update details and personal information, click on the ‘Account’ tab at the top right hand side of the page. Scroll down to find your account information and click on ‘Edit’ – which is next to ‘Contact Information’. Change your details as needed. Click the ‘Save’ button.


Placing an order on the website

To order on, please follow these steps:

  • Log into your account
  • Browse products using the left navigation or search for products using the search box
  • Select product(s) and add them to your shopping cart
  • Enter your details, select a payment option, and check out
  • Receive an order confirmation email

For assistance in placing an order, please reach out to us at

Login Issues

If it appears that you can’t login to the website, there is a possibility that your browser’s cache might be full. Try clearing your browsers cache first.
This procedures are different for each browser.

Internet Explorer:
Select “Tools” from the menu bar. Click “Internet Options”. Select the “General” tab. In the “Temporary Internet Files” area click “Delete Files”. Click “Delete all offline content”. Click “OK”


Mozilla and Netscape:
From the “Edit” menu, select “Preferences”. Click on the “Advanced” category and then click on “Cache”. Click on “Clear Disk Cache” and “Clear Memory Cache”. Close the “Preference” window, select “Network Preferences…”


Internet Explorer for Mac:
Choose “Edit” from the menu at the top. Select “Preferences”. From the table that opens select “Advanced”. In the section named “Cache” click the button that says “Empty Now”.

Mac Safari:
In the upper left corner, click on “Safari”. Choose “Empty Cache” from the drop down menu.

Google Chrome
Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar. Select Tools. Select Clear browsing data. In the dialog that appears, select the checkboxes for the types of information that you want to remove. Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. Select beginning of time to delete everything. Click Clear browsing data.
If you still cannot log in, it is probably because your ISP is cacheing the page! Yes, Internet Service Providers, notably AOL, will cache pages to speed up the browsing. If this is the case, the only thing you can do is wait a few hours or so until the cache is automatically dumped.


How to search for a particular brand, model, or unit

Simply use our search bar, browse through different categories, product tabs, featured products and best sellers.

1.3 Payment

Payment methods accepted offers a number of payment methods and provide you with all the best possible ways you can purchase from us using the payment method you are most comfortable with.

Payment Methods are:

Cash on Delivery

Credit Cards: Visa & Mastercard


Credit Card Safety

Security is one of the priorities of , every credit card transaction occurs within a secure environment. An extra charge is applied to all credit card transactions taking place online. You can rest assure that with each purchase your credit card or bank account information will be secured.

1.4 Pricing

Website Currency

All pricing is in United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)

1.5 Privacy & Security

Shopping securely at

Your privacy is important to us that is why we work hard to ensure that your details are secure and will not be released to any other party. To learn more about how we keep your details safe.